Who am I?

👋 Hi there! I’m Andre Nader, a Product Growth Manager at Facebook who likes to take an analytical approach to life and achieving FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early).

My goal is to be able to AvocadoFIRE in the next 5 years after hitting my enough number.

I am a father to a 4 year old and partner to my amazing wife Corin (who is also in tech). We have lived in San Francisco for the past 8 years and love it while also spending a lot of time planning our escape.

I help FAANG workers reach financial independence.

Expect a lot of free dashboards helping you understand your total comp, spreadsheets, screenshots of spreadsheets, and other tools focused on setting you up to retire early.

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Partner with me to identify your FIRE goals and create an action plan on how to achieve it. Together we will outline your personal goals, make a plan to reach those goals, create a projection of your income, and a savings personalized for you.

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Interviews/Podcast Appearances

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Need to get in touch?

The best way to get in touch with me is to reply to one of my newsletters. I try to reply to every one and it goes straight into my primary email. If you need a more direct way you can email me at andre@avocadofire.com.

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I help FAANG workers reach Financial Independence. I write about investing, personal finance, financial independence, avocados, and helping others reach FIRE. <5 Years to 🔥.


Andre Nader

Focused on personal finance and FIRE with a FAANG perspective. I have worked on Growth focused Analytics the past 10+ years at places like Facebook and Indeed (but mostly Facebook). <5 Years to FIRE.