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Where do you put the money targeted for moving fund? And, the house fund?

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Thanks for the write-up. I definitely love the voiceover as well! One question: why company 401ks are included in FIRE balance but vested RSUs are not? 401k are not easily accessible before 59.5 years old but vested RSU can be accessed anytime?

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How can you do backdoor roth ira would be interested in understanding that piece

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Great article! I noticed that you haven't included maxing HSA in your investment goals. Did something change ?

In 2022, I began investing in a Mega backdoor Roth and HSA for both myself and my spouse. Previously, I limited my investments to 401k and a traditional brokerage account. It's been an amazing experience learning about and getting comfortable with these investment options. I wish I had done my research sooner - but better late than never :)

A few areas that I'd love to learn more about in 2023 are

1. How should I determine how much money to invest through traditional brokerage account vs after-tax roth 401k ? Is maximizing my after tax roth 401k the right step for my personal goals ?

2. I currently don't hold any bonds in my investment accounts - it's all index funds domestic + international. As someone looking to FIRE in the next ~15 years, should I allocate a percentage of my investment to bonds ? My emergency savings account gives me a 3% APY. Is that enough exposure to low risk saving or is investing in bonds important ?

3. Are iBonds right for my personal goals ? Given the market is down, shouldn't I be pumping money into index funds instead of ibonds - especially since I don't anticipate withdrawing this money for the next 15yrs ?

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Thanks for the insightful and candid post; appreciate the reflection laced throughout!

One topic I’d love to learn more about is the “After-Tax 401k (which gets auto-converted to a Roth 401k)” - setting this up, ensuring employer is on board, taking advantaged. For the past few years, I cap out my Roth 401k without any regular 401k contributions. However, I am looking to alter that now.

As for your ending question, 2022 has shown me how money by itself is not highly correlated to happiness - instead, the journey (time) could be a much larger force.

Thanks again!

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Very insightful article, thank you! In addition to all the above investment options, have you evaluated universal life insurance? Do you happen to have any insights into when it would make more sense to go with that option?

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